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Meet Socionics

Socionics is the newest interpretation of Jung’s original Psychological Types. Socionics and MBTI were created almost simultaneously between 1940-1970s in different parts of the world. Just like in MBTI, There are 16 psycho types in Socionics. However, the similarities end at this point.

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Why Meetch?

Meetch is the app that matches people not only by the looks.
  • Meetch uses Socionics for matching people. Socionics is the most profound study when it comes to psychological compatibility. Including compatibility for friendship and work.

  • Socionics defines 14 types of relationships. In Meetch you will be able to see what kind of relationship you have with every user. This will help you build meaningful relationships while avoiding conflicts.

  • If you want to be certain in your matches, you can verify your type. In Meetch you can get your personality type identified by the top professional in the field - V.Gulenko. Users with verified type receive a “Verified” badge in the app. So, that you can be sure of their personality type!

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Get the app and create your profile. It is very easy!

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See people from the most to the least compatible with you. There is a prediction of the relationship with each person too!

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How Socionics is different from MBTI?

The Goal.

Socionics’ main goal is to study relationships between 16 types as individuals as well as small group interactions.

MBTI studies only the 16 types as individuals with their pros and cons.

Socionics type never changes.

Socionics’ personality type is identified by test AND often another method, such as an interview. The interview is often provided by a specialist with experience in Socionics. Non-verbal communication, like mannerisms and gestures, are key to identifying the type correctly. This in depth analysis of the person helps to identify the type you were born with and that will never change. This also leads to more profound and in-depth descriptions on Socionics’ types.

MBTI’s personality type can be identified by taking the test only. Often enough the test result is the person’s own vision of himself or what he would like to look like. The result is correct only if the person knows themselves very well. Therefore, MBTI type can change during the lifetime, for example when you dramatically change your surroundings or something significant happens in your life.

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Intertype relationships.

Socionics’ intertype relationships are asymmetrical, meaning that each personality type interacts completely differently with every other type. Knowing exactly how the interaction will go Socionics can predict relationship development with any type and help you to learn which types are "good" or "bad" for you.

MBTI suggests that intertype relationships are symmetrical and you can achieve the same outcomes interacting with any other type.

Why should you learn more about Socionics?

  • To understand more about relationships between people, which help you understand why some relationships work, while others do not
  • To better understand yourself, advantages, disadvantages and use them wisely
  • To be more tolerant towards people you don’t understand and avoid unnecessary conflicts.
  • To understand how other people are different and learn to appreciate it

Where to learn more about Socionics?

Check out this book "Psychological Types: Why Are People So Different?"