What is Meetch verification?

The most accurate way to define your psychological type

If you have noticed that your type description is not too accurate after taking the online test, we recommend to get an online consultation with the professional socionist and the founder of the Humanitarian Socionics School in Kyiv, Ukraine - Victor Gulenko. V. Gulenko has emerged as the one of leading figures in socionics. He is the 2nd most cited socionist and is respected for making a number of important discoveries. Victor was studying socionics from Aushra Augustinavichute: the founder of socionics. So you can be sure that your diagnostic will be done by a high level professional.

You can get more information about Victor Gulenko here.

Viktor Gulenko
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Meetch verification is coming soon!

Very soon you would be able to have a personal online consultation with Victor Gulenko where you would be able to get deeper into socionics and your personality. By the end of the personal session you will be able 100% sure about what psychological type you are and you will get a verification badge in your Meetch profile. Stay tuned!

If you would like to get your type verified already now or you have already gotten your type diagnostics done with V.Gulenko, send us a request via info@meetch.app

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